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It is an unfortunate reality that Islam is constantly being unfairly misrepresented. There are 1.8 billion Muslims throughout the world living peacefully and contributing to society. Some of them are your doctors or your teachers. Some of them are your neighbors, your friends, your colleagues. Yet if one watches the news, we are constantly being bombarded with negative images and misleading reporting on Islam. A lot of the terrible acts reported in the media, get committed by people with Islamic names.

Although their name is Islamic, they don’t follow the teachings of Islam. Regardless of this, Islam gets blamed and those individuals are not held responsible for their actions. The Muslim community as a whole gets blamed for the actions of a few.

This biased reporting has led many to have a negative view of Islam and to even fear Muslims. It is causing a rise in Islamophobia and has even resulted in some Muslims being harmed.

It is therefore due to this reason that we are launching the NZ Islamic information centre. We want to give a true and accurate portrayal of Islam.

Muslims and especially non-muslims are most welcome to participate. We welcome any questions in regards to Islam. It is our aim to clear up any misconceptions on islam. This can only be achieved if everyone actively engages in our activities.

I would like to thank all our volunteers for their hardwork which has helped this project to become a reality. I also pray to Allah (god) and ask him to bless our efforts and make this project a success.

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