Advice for Muslims living the west

Shaykh Khaled Al-Ghamidi, The Imam of the Holy Mosque Makkah, gave advice for muslims living in the west.

"Islam is a religion that Allah sent down, so that it may be a religion of mercy for the people. And a religion of love, harmony, brotherhood, forgiveness and ease. This is the religion of Allah, the Exalted. The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said "I was sent with pure monotheism and ease". And he also said "Make things easy and not difficult, give glad tidings and do not turn people away".

Our religion Islam, is founded upon moderation, justice, forgiveness, love, creating harmony and unifying the Muslims. It is incumbent upon on every Muslim male and female to feel that they are sending a great message. And to feel that they are an example to be followed. And to feel they are an ambassador of Islam to all. So a Muslim, in reality is an ambassador for this religion, the religion of Muhammad (peace be upon him).

The religion is founded on moderation, justice. It is founded upon love, brotherhood and harmony. This religion encompasses all people and includes all. All people enter its shade, its mercy and its justice. This religion neither has extremism nor terrorism, nor unjust bloodshed and fighting, nor oppression towards Muslims and non-Muslims.

It is impermissible for someone to be killed unjustly. It is impermissible to shed blood of innocent people. Whether they are Muslims or not. As long as they are innocent, it is impermissible. It is impermissible to harm other souls. Or unjustly take their property, wealth and honor.

This is the religion of Allah. So it is incumbent that we portray a good image. And present this amazing example and great religion, that God has sent down. We must present it to people in an image that is shining - as the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) used to do so, along with his noble companions as well."

- Shaykh Khaled Al-Ghamidi

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